Showdown story

A few words from Jakub »Frankie« Stejskal - Manager and co-founder

Jakub Stejskal - Manager of Showdown Poker Club

Showdown is currently one of the most popular poker-rooms in the Czech Republic, although it has not always been that way. It has not been an easy journey. We founded Showdown Poker Club Vinohrady in 2009 as one of the few places where poker was played. It was on U Kanálky near Jiří z Poděbrad metro station. For three years, we operated solely as a poker club. Things went smoothly at first, we did not even know how to play much and there were always enough players. Many players who are now familiar faces on the Czech poker scene, used to come to our club.

Showdown Poker Club

A real struggle

However, over time, 20 new poker places opened in Prague, so we had to improve our services, invent something new to offer players that little bit extra. The situation became even more difficult when the Poker Arena opened only 700 m away, offering 20 tables compared to our 5.

Brake on development

Despite this, we did not give up and began to invest incredible amounts of energy into inventing new services and creating a friendly atmosphere. However, we felt that we were limited by our size, or rather the smallness. Even though we wanted to organize better tournaments and offer a better service, we knew that it would not work out in a small club.

The dwarf swallowed a giant

We had some luck when our not so capable competitor messed up completely and was forced to leave the Arena. We saw an opportunity but at the same time faced the difficult decision of whether we were capable of managing premises ten times the size we were used to. We decided to go for it and so the dwarf swallowed the giant – the Showdown Poker Arena was founded.

Showdown Poker Club

Thrown out and the move to Wenceslas Square

After six months of hard work, there was a shock waiting at the end of 2013. After long disputes with our lessor, we were evicted without warning and so quickly had to figure out what to do next. Would it be the end of Showdown, or should we move elsewhere? Fortunately, we were able to find another place within a week. We built a new bar in the space of three weeks, made numerous other changes and opened, wait for it, right in Wenceslas Square.

Showdown Poker Club

Showdown runs like never before

Showdown is thriving at its new prestigious address like never before. However, we did not rest on our laurels. In August 2013, we launched the new media face of Showdown 2013: Ruda from Ostrava. In September 2013, we launched a new website, optimized for mobile devices, to provide players with a new and revolutionary loyalty system: Showdown Status Bonus. From now on, no Freeroll for the first x players, but everyone can win up to 10,000 CZK in cash each month.

Showdown Poker Club

And what do we offer?

Let’s sum it up

Showdown Poker Club at Museum is one of the most popular poker-rooms in the CR. Yet, we still maintain our traditional friendly atmosphere. Everyday, there are interesting tournaments with a guarantee – regardless of the number of players. Cashgame runs reliably till dawn and often non-stop until the next evening.

Showdown Poker Club

Come and see us and choose right now the tournament closest to your heart. Try to hit our Jackpot or gain a Status Bonus up to 10,000 CZK for your loyalty. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Jakub »Frenki« Stejskal and the entire Showdown team

Václavské náměstí 66, 110 00 - Praha 1
Metro »A«, »C« - Muzeum
Floorman (from 12:30)
+420 739 880 066
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