Ultimate Texas Holdem (UTH)

Ultimate Texas Holdem, or UTH for short, is a relative novelty in the casino world. The game was developed in 2007 and has spread to casinos across the globe thanks to the huge popularity of Texas Holdem Poker, the principle on which it is based.

The rules of the UTH card game are like those of regular Texas Holdem, but there are a few important differences. Players don't play against each other; they play against the dealer.

Before the cards are dealt, the player chooses to bet on the Ante and Blind fields. The bet on both fields must be the same and is mandatory. The player also has the optional Trips field, which pays for strong hands. And the Play field, which can only be bet on once during the game.

After the cards are dealt, the player can bet three or four times the bet he placed on the Ante box on the Play box. If he is not satisfied with his hand, he has the option to abstain or check. The flop follows, which are three shared cards, and after the flop is dealt, the player can choose between checking and betting double the Ante. Then comes the turn and river, which the dealer deals simultaneously. The player must then decide whether to fold or call the Ante bet.


Play field pays 1:1 if the player wins. If the dealer wins, the casino wins the amount wagered. Ante field payouts are also 1:1. However, if the dealer is not qualified, i.e., does not have a pair or a stronger hand, the Ante is not played for and the player cannot win or lose it. Blind pays when the player wins with one of the combinations listed below.

Straight 1:1

Flush 3:2

Full house 3:1

Quads (poker) 10:1

Straight flush 50:1

Royal flush 100:1

Trips are always paid if the player has wagered it and has one of the following combinations (even if he loses).

Three of a kind 3:1

Straight 5:1

Flush 6:1

Full house 8:1

Quads (poker) 30:1

Straight flush 40:1

Royal flush 50:1

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