Blackjack is a very popular card game across the world, and this is also true at our Showdown casino. What's more, unlike an online casino, you'll experience the true excitement of an authentic game here. There's nothing like the feeling when the chips are down, and the dealer hands you an ace and a ten. Blackjack!

The history of the popular game of Blackjack

A card game from France called vingt-et-un (twenty-one) is considered the predecessor of Blackjack. This game appeared in casinos in the early 18th century. It differed from contemporary Blackjack, for example, by the bets placed only after the first card was dealt. In a situation where the player and the dealer both had 21, the player became the dealer.

Over time, the game spread around the world and took different forms. In our country, for example, it was popular under the names Twenty-One or The Eye Takes. The name Blackjack originated in America, based on the bonus a player received if he had an ace and a jack in black.

How to play Blackjack at Showdown casino

In our branch on Wenceslas Square, you will find Blackjack tables with limits from CZK 100 to CZK 5,000.

At the beginning of the game, the player bets an amount on one or more boxes. The dealer then deals the player two cards for each box and one for himself. Depending on the value of the cards, the player decides how to proceed.

Hit: the next card, up to a maximum of 21.

Stand: the player is satisfied with his hand and does not want another card.

Double: doubling the original bet, which is only possible before drawing another card. After the Double, the player receives only one card, without the possibility of drawing another.

Split: splitting the first two cards of the same rank. Play then continues in the normal way on two to a maximum of four independent boxes. In the case of split Aces, the player has no chance of Blackjack and can only receive one card for each of the split boxes. In the event of another Ace being dealt, the player no longer has the option of splitting the cards.

Surrender: in our Showdown Casino we allow players to surrender their hand after the initial deal. However, this must be before any more cards are drawn and provided the dealer does not have an ace. A player who uses the surrender option receives half of their bet back.

Insurance: if the dealer deals an ace for himself, the player can use the insurance option. This is a bet up to a maximum of half the chips bet on the relevant box, which pays 2:1 if the dealer has a Blackjack. If the dealer does not have a Blackjack, the player loses the chips.

Blackjack pays 1.5:1 if the dealer does not also have Blackjack.

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