Showdown rules

  1. Only registered players 18 years or older can play in Showdown.
  2. Upon registration each player becomes a member of UNIpoker o.s. and undertakes at each visit to comply with the Showdown rules that they must be familiarized with before registration.
  3. Poker is played according to the Showdown Poker Rules.
  4. Players must behave and abide by the rules during each visit to Showdown.
  5. Smoking in Showdown is only permitted in designated areas.
  6. A player who is logged in and does not excuse themselves in advance for their late arrival to the tournament must arrive no later than five minutes before the tournament starts. If a player will not arrive on time, offers no excuse and fails to report their late arrival to the floorman, their place may be taken with another player who is present in Showdown.
  7. It is forbidden to bring weapons and drugs into Showdown.
  8. Any player who violates the Showdown rules can expect a caution, temporary suspension from the game or even expulsion from the tournament (especially for severe breaching of the rules). A player may be temporarily or permanently blacklisted (given an absolute ban) for serious violation of the rules, poker ethics or etiquette.
  9. If your dealer will assist you in winning a tournament or support you at an important moment, it is a matter of decency to reward their efforts with a tip and to retain their goodwill.
  10. It is a good practice to offer an apology or buy a drink to the defeated player in a bad beat.
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